An Orthodontic Perfectionist

Dr. Thomas has a been a long-time friend and peer. I’ve watched Dr. Thomas craft some of the most beautiful smiles in and around Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re looking for an orthodontist that cares about his patients and ensures they fully…

Anthony M. Shearin, DDS

Best Ortho in Town

I am very happy to be a patient at National Orthodontists. Dr. Thomas is awesome and he makes you feel very comfortable. I am so comfortable that I have taken my children to him as well and now we have a happy family of braces wearers and boy is that interesting and exciting all the same. Also, I must note that he has some of the best secretaries around. It’s not everyday when you can speak to…

Charles A

Great System

I typically write reviews for places that I absolutely love or hate and I love this one. The system they have in place for waiting on their patients is pretty neat, you move from room to room depending on where you are in your waiting status. I moved from another state and the orthodontist there was good, but I love that at this location I know where I am in the waiting process because each…

Geoffrey J

A Pleasure to Know

There ae many orthodontist in Georgia. Dr. Thomas is one of the best that I’ve ever known. His ‘perfectionist’ mantra ensures that each and every patient receives the care they require. From children to teens and teens to adults, Dr. Thomas…

David O. Lofters, DDS

The Greatest!!!

Dr. Thomas and the whole staff at National Orthodontics gave me the best experience of my life! I came to Atlanta during hurricane Katrina and I really needed braces but money was scarce. Someone told me about National Orthondontics so I checked it out. I spoke with Dr. Thomas about how I didnt want to spend alot of money due to my current situation and he did my braces for absolutely FREE…

Lola C

Self-Esteem Boost

Initially I ended up at National Orthodontics because one of my co-workers with braces told me about the evening and weekend hours. I thought to myself, “perfect!” A few months into my 12 month treatment plan I began getting ompliments on my smile and I’m not even halfway through my treatment yet!

Denise. L

Beautiful Smile with Straight Teeth


I decided at age 60 that I wanted to get my crooked teeth straightened. I had investigated this possibility with another orthodontist 20 years earlier but was very unhappy when he said that I would need to have four teeth pulled before braces could be put in…

Sherry Nix